For all factories of Danone, safety and foodsafety are also of great importance for the Nutricia site in Zoetermeer. We expect from employees, suppliers who deliver cargo, contractors who come to work and people who visit our site for other reasons, that they act and behave in safe way. In the interest of the products we make, all suppliers, contractors and visitors have to meet the food safety requirements too.

What are the consequences for you?

You must have a contact person within Nutricia at all times. Without a contact person, you can’t access the site. Furthermore, you must be able to show a valid ID at the porter or reception. Your contact person knows the Nutricia site, can warn you of potentially unsafe situations and is aware of the rules about foodsafety.

If you enter the production rooms, production-related areas, warehouses and / or the outdoor areas of Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition in Zoetermeer, you should be aware of the information in this flyer. This also applies if you’re a truck driver who transports nitrogen, lye, sulfuric or nitric acid.

Furthermore you have to watch an instructional and training film and pass a test. Only after obtaining the certificate which proves you’ve past the test you get an access badge. You can only make the test at the reception or porter at the Nutricia site, but to save time on your day of arrival, you can watch the film before your visit. When you visit Nutricia, you will only have to do the test – you can skip the film.

Watching the film is only possible after you’ve received a login name and password from your contact person at Nutricia.

Depending on the quality of your internet connection it’s possible you have to wait a little while to get the film loaded at the start and during the movie.

Please be patient!